Good Friday 2011

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passion-of-the-christ-originalMarcus’ & Megan’s Voices – We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you the following important message. Jesus suffered and died for you…2,011 years ago today. Please take the time today (take the day off if you can!) to meditate on His sacrifice for us. Praying the rosary while meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries is a great way to do so. We’ll be doing just that today in addition to our yearly viewing of the movie The Passion of the Christ. God bless you all!


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Liam Marcus’ Voice – Precious! Toddler 3.4 has been very patient, and finally that patience has paid off. “Mommy, Papi wook! Saint Nick put presents under da tree!”

Megan Ryan’s Voice -  We’re taking the day off and hope you are too. God bless you all and may the peace of the Christ child be with you - YOUR Savior and ours too.

Super Cute Catholic Gifts

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St Therese of Lisieux, aka The Little Flower

St Therese of Lisieux, aka The Little Flower

A friend of ours makes super cute Catholic toys and other cool gifts. Check them out by visiting her blog. We would love to get Toddler 3.3 a St Francis of Asissi, Blessed Mother, or Jesus or all three! What do you say Tricia, can you create all three for us?? ;-)

The Immaculate Conception – Happy Feast Day!

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Saints Joachim & Ann with the child Mary

Saints Joachim & Ann with the child Mary

Megan Ryan’s Voice – Happy Name Day to our Toddler 3.3! We gave him the middle name of Mary because he too was conceived December 8th. We took it as a sign that she would ask her Son, Jesus, to look after him in a special way. This is the first year we are adopting the practice of making a big deal of each child on his name day, sort of like a mini birthday. We’ll probably make some organic chocolate chip cupcakes!

This is also a Holy Day of Obligation for all Roman Catholics, so get yourself to Mass if you haven’t already! If you need to find a local Catholic church fast, you can go to

Below is an article by Jason Evert that explains nicely exactly what this feast day is (the day Mary was conceived in her mothers womb), and what it is not (the day Christ was conceived). It’s especially good for Catholics who have the opportunity to explain these doctrines to non-Catholics.

Liam Marcus’ Voice –

Oh resplendent star in the sky,
With the Impeccable Lamb in your arms,
Illuminate my path from dusk ‘til dawn.
As I lay to rest,
Please pray for me should I not wake.
So that my soul may rest in peace in the presence of your beauty,
Oh Holy Queen of Heaven and that of your Son’s, The King of Heaven.
Though, should our Lord present me with the gift of another day,
From dawn ‘til dusk,
When all seems in unrest,
Please, oh please, keep me in the folds of your vestment,
Should I not be ready and be in need of shelter,
Oh, Holy Mother of God,
My (Our) mother in Heaven,
Please, oh please, pray for me (us),
To our Lord, Jesus Christ, your son.
Who lives and reigns with God the Father,
One in being with the Holy Ghost, one God,
Forever and ever.



How to Defend the Immaculate Conception

1. Why does the Church teach that Mary was immaculately conceived? Her conception is never even mentioned in Scripture.

Before presenting the scriptural foundations for the Church’s belief in Mary’s Immaculate Conception, know that the person who is posing this question to you is probably operating with the three following misconceptions: (1) The doctrine infringes upon the universality of Christ’s redemption and the unique holiness of God. (2) The Church has no scriptural foundation for the teaching. (3) If any doctrine is not in Scripture it must not be true. Any adequate defense of Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception is incomplete unless all three of these areas are addressed.

The first issue that you need to cover is sola scriptura-the idea that the Bible is the only rule of faith. In order to understand the flaws of this theory, familiarize yourself with the Catholic Answers tract at One of the reasons why our separated brethren have difficulty accepting certain Marian teachings is that they do not understand the scriptural role of sacred Tradition and the Magisterium…To read the rest of this article Click Here

Can You find “Immaculate” in the Bible?

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marygreetselizabethHis face stiffened, and his eyes narrowed to slits. Until now the Calvary Chapel pastor had been calm as he “shared the gospel” with me, but when I mentioned my belief in Mary’s Immaculate Conception, his attitude changed. “The problem with you Roman Catholics,” he said, forefinger stabbing the air a few inches from my face, “is that you’ve added extra baggage to the gospel. How can you call yourselves Christians when you cling to unbiblical traditions like the Immaculate Conception? It’s not in the Bible—it was invented by the Roman Catholic system in 1854. Besides, Mary couldn’t have been sinless, only God is sinless. If she were without sin she would be God!”

At least the minister got the date right, 1854 being the year Pope Pius IX infallibly defined the doctrine of Mary’s Immaculate Conception, but that’s as far as his accuracy went. To read the rest of the article Click Here


Marcus’ Voice – Everyone, including the Calvary Chapel pastor, should remember the incredible Grace that comes with humility. Especially when in doubt or walking in the shadows of ignorance. Let’s remember that, lest we start looking foolish when attempting to convey or portray an intellectual facade of ourselves.

Megan’s Voice - Everyone should know the Bible as well as this guy, Patrick Madrid…including me! :oops:

Happy Feast Day!

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In the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, commonly known as the Roman Rite, today is a celebration! We celebrate the Nativity (the birth) of the Virgin Mary, i.e. Mary’s birthday. Quite a few people make the common mistake of mixing this up with the Nativity (the birth) of Christ, or THE Nativity.

Mary’s birthday goes hand in hand with the Doctrine of  Mary being “Full of Grace” or “Favored One” (Luke 1:28) Greater minds than mine have taught and explained this doctrine so I present you with the following examples.

Here is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) has to say:

“Even before the terms “original sin” and “immaculate conception” had been defined, early passages imply the doctrines. Many works mention that Mary gave birth to Jesus without pain. But pain in childbearing is part of the penalty of original sin (Gen. 3:16). Thus, Mary could not have been under that penalty. By God’s grace, she was immaculate in anticipation of her Son’s redemptive death on the cross. The Church therefore describes Mary as “the most excellent fruit of redemption”” (CCC 508)

 Click here to read what the very first Christians had to say on the matter.

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