Time To Start Collecting Pennies – Part 01

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Abe is right. Ya gotta watch your back!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – We started. Yep. Collecting pennies is a thing of the future again. Remember when you saw a penny on the streets? You picked it up. Why? Because back then you could use it to add to your other four pennies and buy a piece of chocolate candy somewhere. Today you should still pick them up. Why? Because one penny is worth two pennies and rising. Some people are calling them the “new silver” and by the way, when I bought my silver coins a few years back they were $22/each. Today those same silver coins are worth about $40/each. 50% profit, huh? Not bad. With the death of paper dollar(s) soon approaching and the institution of one world currency, copper, which pennies predating 1981 (and some 1982) is what they are made of, will be worth a bit more than a couple of pennies. Mind you, you’ll probably have to melt them pennies, but not yet, because remember, it’s illegal to melt currency. Just wait until it’s dead first. ;-)

Megan Ryan’s Voice – I have a little coin collection passed down to me from my paternal grandfather. It’s not worth anything but the fond memories of my late father. Dad got me into coin collecting by bringing home the occasional coin that was a bit different looking from the rest. Now the children enjoy coming across those ‘State Quarters’ and giving them to me. Once we collect them all, we’ll put them in a little display Papaw got me before he went home to Jesus.

Homeschool of Fish – Year 6, Part 5 – Knocked Off Track

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Megan’s Ryan’s Voice – Murphy’s Law of Homeschooling States: Once you get into the swing of things something will happen to ruin it. Last week the big boys caught the colds from the wee ones. Since I am not a MERCILESS slave driver I gave them a bucket next to their desks in case they had to stop working long enough to toss their cookies. No, we took a couple of days off but now they will have to do some catching up since some of their classes are online and therefore less forgiving.

Kindergartener promptly contracted the same cold back from them and got sick again. Fortunately that doesn’t phase his school work since he still has just as much energy as always. It’s turned out pretty nicely having him on a schedule of work rather than the very loose lessons that comprised his preschool education. He is old enough now for me to tell him to complete X Y and Z before leaving his place at the table. That leaves me a few free moments to attend to Toddler 1.1 or do REALLY important things like…take a bath.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Homeschooling is the kewlest thing one can ever do for their children, bar none – period. Those individuals who argue about, “Well, how about their social skills?” and this and that don’t know squat. Peons of a communistic educational system – indoctrinated zombies thinking in the same manner. Unfortunately, these are the individuals whom we need to be careful of. The may stop at nothing to destroy our right to educate our children just because they think they can do better.

Neither here nor there, it is exquisite to watch our children growing right in front of us. It is a treat to be able to teach them everything we know too. Oops, we get in trouble for that. :-P

Catholic News Roundup 06-27-12

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Homeschool of Fish – Year 5, Part 8

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – Yay! Last day of school! Summer has begun! I am probably just as excited about it as the boys. No more homework  to grade for a while :-) All they have to do over the summer is practice their typing skills, and once they reach 30 wpm, I’ll let them take a break from that too. I think we’ve all earned a little R&R this year…even if it is only for a couple of months.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – And study law, Scriptural and man-made. We are trying to determine which man-made laws contradict God’s laws and which ones are in agreement. The obvious ones are “thy shall not kill” and “false witness”. “False witness” is defamation. Something else we can claim in court when they try to pin some sort private jurisdiction over our person, is “thy shall love God above all things” – pursuant to their laws, here in Florida, it would be the Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1998, and Public Law 96.1211, “the Bible is the Word of God”.

Catholic News Roundup 06-04-12

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Do You Behave Like A Christian?

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Liam Marcus’ Voice – There seems to be an increased number of individuals who think they are saved and don’t need to do anything to gain the Kingdom of God. Is this possible? This type of thinking is self serving at best. Kind at worst, in this type of peoples’ mind, that is. There is nothing kind about acting like a jerk. Regardless, of whether or not you have accepted Jesus Christ as you personal Lord and Savior. Believe it or not, there are Christian music bands out there that believe that because they accepted Jesus, they are guaranteed a place in Heaven. It doesn’t matter that they still curse. It doesn’t matter that they stave people on the back. It doesn’t matter that they gossip behind everyone’s back. Their human condition is not being judged there, just you, whoever is not them.

A bit of news from the good book, the Bible. The Word of God to some, even to our good socialist government here in American when they proclaimed it in Public Law 96.1211

James 1: 26-27, “If anyone thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this man’s religion is vain. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”

The so-called Bible readers and experts don’t realize the simplicity within this wonderful book sometimes. It is plain, if one chooses to use plain language, what it says within the Great Book. If these so-called Christian music bands understood God’s plan a bit better, they would more than likely choose a different genre to define their style and actions. Maybe, they would come closer to our Lord. Who knows.


Megan Ryan’s Voice – Marcus my love, I think it boils down to the fact that Protestant bibles are missing seven books – the epistle of James being one of them. Our readers can Click Here for a succinct answer on why Martin Luther removed them. They can also Click Here to find out how the fathers of the Catholic Church knew which books belonged in the bible and which did not.

Catholic News Roundup 05-17-12

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Taking The Law Into Our Own Hands – Part 1

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legal-corruption-money-gavelLiam Marcus’ Voice – There is nothing like the real thing baby, there is nothing like the real thing. I will begin talking today about our experiences in court. I have been letting it linger enough thinking that it would come out better when we won. Well, I should have known. It has been a long road to redemption, and there is no light at the end of this tunne yet. While becoming well learned in the law is the rule in this household, and we can probably take on anybody in court and beat them as a consequence, taking on the political de facto franchises like our City of Niceville has been a stretch. Suffice it to say, we have visited the court room downtown about eight times. Each time being more revealing than the last. We will continue to give you some updates on our legal cases, and I will leave you now with these thoughts. There is power in knowing what to do with the law. Folks, if not for yourselves, then for your children, learn the law, and how to use it. That’s it for now.

Megan Ryan’s Voice – Taking on ‘da man’ hasn’t been a picnic. It has swallowed up way too much of our time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been well worth it. I say ‘too much’ because that’s how they have the system set up. Set up to crush the little guy and make a tidy profit for the ol’ boys in control. You could say we are representing ourselves in a battle over a ticket, but it’s more like defending ourselves against the encroachment of big government. The City of Niceville sent me a ticket in the mail because our grass was too high. In the Land of The Free, we have the “freedom” to rip babies apart in the womb via abortion, but if we go a little too long between mowings…Lord have mercy! So we told the city where they could put their ticket! Why go to all the trouble of a court battle over such a small thing? It’s the principle of the thing. Plus it has been good practice and a great learning experience.

Catholic News Roundup 04-12-12

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To watch this video from the source Click Here

U.S. Law – Plea Bargaining

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plea-bargain-funny-cat-mouseMegan Ryan’s Voice – Marcus is taking some university classes on United States Law so he’s been having to write a lot of essays. He’s learning a lot and really enjoying it so we’ll share them with you from time to time for your own education and, hopefully, enjoyment. God bless!


         The U.S. v. Ruiz case at a district court was an example of prosecutors using the plea bargaining tool called “fast track” – a Southern District of California plea bargaining technique that waives indictment, trial, and appeal – to trample on the peoples’ right to information and full disclosure of contract(s). In this case, the defendant was accused of transporting an illegal product (marijuana) in her luggage. The prosecution offered Ruiz a shorter sentence via the “fast track” plea bargain agreement, though, the troubling part about the agreement was that the government demanded that she waive any affirmative defense if the case went to trial and the waiver of the right to impeach witnesses or informants for lack of truth or fact in their testimony – a gross demand to waive access to what would be the only way Ruiz would walk free if she didn’t take the plea bargain at all. The curious thing is that Ruiz denied to be taken in, the prosecutor denied the plea bargain, and Ruiz still plead guilty. However, Ruiz requested the deal without plea bargaining and lost. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the prosecution’s and the government’s  attempt to use “fast track” to take away the accused rights to proper contractual disclosure and information was unconstitutional because it prohibited the accused from waiving her right to information. However, the fact of the matter was that Ruiz had voluntarily plead guilty, and in doing so waived certain rights under the constitution.

                The supreme court’s response to U.S. v. Ruiz was unsettling. For all intents and purposes, it defended the plea bargaining tool for reasons devoted to saving time and money, when they could in fact question and abolish the validity of many vulgar private laws on the books then and today. They stated that the constitution did not punish the existence of the plea bargaining tool, however, the constitution doesn’t condone it either. Plea bargaining is simply unconstitutional (per the original constitution) because of how it came to be. The original constitution was supposed to serve as a way to control government, not the other way around. However, there is a maxim of law that says those who “take the benefit” from the current system of government “should also accept the disadvantage.” The disadvantage is how the judiciary does not serve justice, but instead, through administrative court it condemns the same people it was set to protect. While people continue to ignore their rightful place in the republic, the form of government guaranteed by congress, a republican form of government, where the peoples are second to God on the land, the government will continue to rob them of their power-of-attorney by consent via the 14th Amendment and giving congress the unconstitutional (pursuant the original constitution) power to keep the federal rule of criminal procedure 11 on the books (McKinley, 2011).

                According to the federal rule of criminal procedure, the advantage for the prosecuting side are that the accused waives his rights for appeal, a quick way to increase revenue for the city or municipality they work for, less work on prosecutors’ shoulders. The disadvantages of the plea bargaining tool for the prosecuting side are minute if it is performed adequately, (fairly), but they can become a lot more troublesome if not performed with the respondent’s best interest in mind.

                The supreme court’s argument on whether there was a provision in the constitution not supporting the argument regarding governmental disclosure of information to the defendant is/was gross, and prejudicial. Here lies one of the major problems with the judiciary these days. Their hypocritical bending of the rules and sometimes literal or general interpretation of the constitution to impose more burdens on the people they are supposed to protect under the same document is unconscionable.


McKinley, M. (2011). Plenary no longer: How the fourteenth amendment “amended” congressional jurisdiction-stripping power. Stanford Law Review, 63(5), 1213-1243. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

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