Our Way To Hide That Gray

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Keep them beardies rolling, rawhide!

Megan Ryan’s Voice - Marcus is cultivating a lovely black mustachio lately, and he and I were just bemoaning the fact that men’s mustache wax (think Poirot) is ridiculously expensive starting at $2 per ounce. Then I said, “Hey we should Google how to make our own.” Marcus thought for a second and said with a grin, “Well I have some left over tar in the garage.” We laughed, and I said, “It’ll hide your gray!”

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Ha ha ha, very funny man. I don’t want to look like this guy, just a bit smarter. Plus I am a bit superstitious, that’s all. I am thinking that if I get some mustachio handle bars, well, the other handle bars will disappear… you know what I mean?

Is It Possible To Be Too Crunchy? Um, YES!

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – Okay, we’re getting to be too crunchy. Some is good, but I have to draw the line somewhere, right? Our dryer broke down two weeks ago (after we finally got around to fixing it by unclogging the vent!! ) and I got so frustrated I forbade Marcus to buy more parts to fix it again. Instead I had him install a retractable clothesline. Where? In our living room! Am I freakin’ redneck or what?! We can’t put one outside because we would get into major trouble with our homeowners association. So I figured hanging our clothes inside would serve a dual purpose, 1) save me the hassle of dealing with the little ones while sweating my tookus off outside, and 2) the evaporation would help to cool the house a bit and save us a buck or two on the electric bill, not to mention saving money by ditching the dryer in the first place. Now instead of having a laundry marathon one day a week (starting at dawn and folding the last of it before going to bed that night), I now do one load four days a week. Starting on Tuesdays I wash and hang before bed, then take it down and fold it the next morning after breakfast. The last day is Friday night which leaves me Saturday morning to fold. Then I can take a break on the Lord’s Day (Sunday) and Monday before starting all over again. And YES I did some research on how to line dry your laundry! Ya’ll know me :-D Click Here for the best site I found on the subject.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Yeah, Meg gave me an ultimatum, no new parts for the dryer. Hey, I’m just thankful it isn’t something serious, like the air conditioner compressor, although, that may be next. We’ll see. We have been miracle-like fortunate. Just the other night I looked at the eatables we have on the counter top and then at the refrigerator inners and thought to myself, are we poor or do we still have too much? Then the automobile tire started giving us trouble, again. I had already stuffed the hole with three plugs so I knew I had to seek recourse. Right after work this past Saturday I visited a little auto repair shop next door to ask how much a patch work would cost. I was geared to visit a Tire Kingdom and contract for their $35 patch services, but the little deviation paid dividends. The little repair shop refused to contract with me for possible liability. The hole was too big and according to some unknown statute, if the tire failed because of the patch work and I or someone else got injured, they would become liable – so no no. I asked, “Well, do you have a spare of this size?” And won’t you believe it. They didn’t just have a spare, they had a super spare of the same size. They had a BF Goodrich. Wow! LOL! Now I have three leisure-like tires and an all-terrain tire on our little sedan. I can feel the difference. I installed it on the back-drivers side, ‘cause you know, that side has to hold lots more pounds per square inch – no, I’m not that fat/heavy :wink: Well, one problem a week is all I can take, and it’s been phenomenal because of the little miracles we get to enjoy from time to time. God bless!

Megan Eats Donut, Lives To Tell The Tale

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Liam Marcus’ Voice Mark my word, an aneurysm may become her. She went out in the middle of the evening yesterday to no other place than a GMO lathered, chemically created doughnut shop. Yeeawk! The thought of it makes me want to…. Okay, enough with the guilt trip. How do you feel this morning, honey? Like a two-ton steak? That’s how I would feel. Hey, that’s all right. She has the right, right? We need to find a way to make and bake some wholesome homemade doughnuts. That’s all. PLEASE, anyone out there who may know how to do this… HELP! Yes, I know how to search the internet for something useful. However, I trust our friends and readers to provide us with something honestly, brutally, direct and wholesome. Okay, leave us your comments! God bless!

Okay, honey, what do you have to say for yourself? – Megan Ryan’s ‘confession’ - Okay, so I ate a donut. What’s the big deal? Okay it was three donuts…all in one sitting…and two more today. :-D I only have a modicum of guilt because we eat so healthy the other 364 days of the year so I’m okay with a crazy splurge like this one. Surprisingly, I feel just fine. Actually, I feel GREAT! Not because of the donuts, but because I got a good night’s sleep for a change. Infant 0.8 only woke up twice and slept like a rock in between. <sigh> Thank you, Jesus. I was super cranky that (infamous donut) day because Infant and I got the worst night’s sleep ever the night before. She is cutting her top teeth so, woe is us. That’s why the emergency run to the donut shop after Preschooler was in bed, a little treat at the end of a looooong and cranky day. Hmmm, maybe all the donut junk I ingested got into my breastmilk and made her crash…

Infant 0.8 has been busy lately! She took her first few unassisted steps about two weeks ago, and now she will toddle a good eight feet or so all by herself and unprompted. She is almost two months ‘behind’ Preschooler when he started to walk, but she is much more sure-footed than he was. He was walking and falling/crashing all over the house, but she rarely falls. Instead she just plops down onto her bum, or catches herself with her hands. Bravo muñeca! You already know she says bye-bye, but now she is saying “Gah!” every time she sees one of our cats (cat = gata in spanish). Plus I just retired her infant car seat today and moved her into Preschooler’s old toddler car seat. I could let her sit forward-facing too, but I honestly think she would miss watching Preschooler 4.9 since he sits right next to her in our tiny backseat. He is a huge help when she gets cranky back there, plus he always tells me when she drops a toy, etc. Cute!

So waddya think? Is Megan going to keel over dead tomorrow from her splurge? How about a wholesome treat recipe of yours so she won’t have to go nuts next time? ;-)

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Lord Have Mercy

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funny-dog-pictures-not-laugh-silentLiam Marcus’ Voice – It was something out of an ’80′s movie, like “Weird Science”, or the other teen-hormonal crazed type of movies. What awaits us with this little rascal? I’ll be succinct, ’cause, you know. Here we go: Sunday morning, Divine Liturgy (the name for the Mass in the Byzantine Catholic rite), sitting in our usual pew near the back because we need to make the occasional quick getaway if Infant 0.5 starts to get fussy. Singing, praying, and Preschooler 4.5l taking care of biz with his Divine Liturgy Kit. After fifteen minutes, the little rascal starts working on his letter-writing skills in one of those preschool alphabet workbooks. Well, he’s finishing with the lowercase b’s and starts showing off his miraculous acts to the people behind us. Usually there is an old gentleman there who usually gives him little presents. You know, books and religious cards, but this past Sunday there was a new family back there: an older woman, two teenage boys and a teenage girl. You know what the little rascal did, and trust me, I don’t do this sort of thing ’cause, you know, the wife would be on me like a monkey on a cupcake. He turns around, looks at the teenage girl and… smack! Nope, not a kiss, but a wink!  A big , fat, obvious WINK. She was a total stranger! She started to chuckle quietly, and Megan and I looked at each other like, “Whaaaaat???!!” Megan and I couldn’t resist the pleasure such an alarming, yet tender act instilled in us – we started laughing silently, but still we laughed so hard we came within an inch of interrupting Father’s homily. I know I turn inside out with a silent-laughter. I could feel my ears changing temperatures.

Megan Ryan’s Voice – Oh man, I nearly died holding in all that funny! Laughed ’til I cried! Nobody taught him that – I’ve no idea where that came from! If Father had seen us I’m sure he would have been wondering what the heck we thought he said that was so funny. It’s a very small church so I’m shocked he didn’t notice the commotion. LOL

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Movie Review: Puss In Boots

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – We rented Puss In Boots over the weekend because Preschooler 4.5 begged for it, and because we had a coupon for a free rental. We usually stay away from recent titles until we can download a Clearplay filter for them. Puss In Boots could use one, I’m sorry to say. It is like all the other Shrek movies with its fair share of rude/potty humor. It all went over Preschooler’s head, but I still. It’s crudeness our family would rather not be subjected to. Otherwise it was quite a fun story with many funny moments. We’ll give it one thumbs up. I’m a tough critic, but I would have given it two without the bathroom humor. Once we download a filter for it, and can buy it for cheap, we’ll probably add it to our home movie collection.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Are two instances of potty humor too much? Megan says it was more than two. I don’t know, well, I didn’t know about the instances until I saw it for the second time. Some of this stuff goes over my head too, though, if you alert me to them, I’ll miss the flow of the movie and get stuck with dissecting it instead – not much fun. Enough about me, and a bit more about the movie. It was funny, in a feline-sort of way. The humanistic aspect was stolen by the notorious feline-like behaviors: the lapping, the spitting, the scratching – totally unexpected, you know? Overall, it was a funny lapping-grooming-pouncing-spitting-scratching phenomenon of a movie. Not what you would expect of a semi-sequel to Shrek.

A No Brainer

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funny-pictures-cat-will-nap-hereMegan Ryan’s Voice – Our cat is a bit nuts. A running joke in our family is how stoopid she seems sometimes with her various quirky behaviors. Recently she started giving herself hotspots due to a food allergy. She is now on a strict diet to prevent her from going OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and eating herself. During dinner one evening she was begging at the table as usual. Preschooler  4.5 asked to give her a tidbit. How to explain it to a four year old that he could no longer delight in giving her food from his plate?? I searched my brain and came up with, “I’m sorry, honey. We can’t give St. Anne our food anymore because it will give her brain a booboo.” Innocent, he looked at me and said, “Mami, Anne doesn’t have a brain.” LOL I guess he’s been taking our jokes a bit too seriously!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – I now believe the hotspots are due to stress because of lack of exercise. I threw a little pipe cleaner rolled into a spiral shape and she went crazy for it. She even picked it up and took it with her around the house – it was cute. She is still a kitten at heart, even though she’s six years old. We’ll try to play with her a bit more often. That should take care of her fixating on her hotspots for a while. We just have to make sure we have a good supply of rolled up pipe cleaners because they seem to disappear rather quickly around here.

What About Bob? – Movie Review

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – One of our favorite movies has been What About Bob? starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss for several years now. However, Marcus and I are enjoying it on a whole new level now that we’ve been studying Narcissistic Personality Disorder together. Before it was just a funny movie about one funny annoying guy bugging a snobbish psychiatrist until the snob cracked under the pressure. Now we see it as an Engulfing Narcissist latching onto an Abandoning Narcissist with hilarious results. We give the movie two thumbs up, but that’s only because we use Clearplay. If you don’t have Clearplay you’ll have to watch out for some inappropriate language.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Do you thinking the writers had “narcissism” or the simple terms of “annoying” and “snobbish” to go by when they produced this film? I don’t think it matters. The movie is a treat for the heart and face muscles. The part when Dr. Marvin and daughter start talking with the help of dolls is funny, but when Dr. Marvin starts going berserk is the best.

Seven Myths About Homeschooling

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Marcus’ & Megan’s Voices - Our whole family  LOLd at this video!

Unfinished Business

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christmas-tree-unfinishedMegan Ryan’s Voice – Since we gave ourselves a pat on the back last time, we thought it only fair to tell you about (yet) another of our procrastinations. We always try to keep it real on this blog. I looked up at our Christmas tree and realized we had completely forgotten to put the angel on top! We saved the honor for Papi like we do every year, but then life took over and we lost track. Better luck next year!!

Liam Marcus’ Voice -Hmm, what? What did we forget to do? You know, I think it is definitely old age. I’ve been having the need to write things down more often than ever before because I’ve been forgetting too many simple things – meetings with people, brushing my teeth, putting deodorant on, I mean, come on! These things are supposed to be second nature. Right? It appears my little gray and white cells need a jump. Do you have an idea of what I could use to cause this needed rejuvenation of my mind?

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