Preschooler Made Friends, Got Upgraded, and Got Wet

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – Wow it has been a busy two weeks! Not only was it our first and second week of homeschool being back in session, but then we upgraded Preschooler 4.12 to Kindergartener 5.0 on Saturday with a little party. He had a blast with his friends being silly, munching snacks, and blowing out candles. The candles on my first homemade, 100% organic birthday cake. It’s a feat I’m proud of and never thought I would (or could) accomplish if you asked me two years ago. I digress. It was so cool to watch him have so much fun. Thank you, Jesus for all of our children. Thank You for parties, and little friends, and big fun.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Kindergartener 5.0 was in love. It is a remedy to being alone with a pair of old peeps like us, right Megan? The little rascal was distributing, “I love you” to everyone he met this weekend. Hey, at least it wasn’t, “Mami, Papi is that lady naked?” – this one is for another post. For now, let’s reminisce on the fact that this little rascal is incredibly outgoing, something I lack from time to time. Hey, I was, but I ain’t no more ‘cause peeps kept drilling my social-ness into the ground.

Last Monday was a great example of this little rascal’s outgoingness. We went to a nearby theme park and it so happened that the park was nearly ours to enjoy, but wait, no not really. We experienced a British invasion of sorts. We didn’t mind. It was like being over there, in England, without having to pay for an airfare to visit them. Well, the little guy went on the River Rapids Ride for the first time and it blasted him, but he enjoyed it so much he proclaimed it to every single Brit that came onboard the (five trips) rafts we occupied. He had a blast, and the people around him had a blast and appeared to enjoy the little guys’ comments, “We are going to get wet… again!” Sure enough. People got wet, and he told them, “See, I told you!” and they laughed.

Yes, a few times he said, “Papi, it was all right, but there were some ladies naked.” i.e. wearing skimpy clothing. Nevertheless, I think he will rise to the occasion again and again.

Birthday Memories for Our Girl – September 11, 2012

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Megan Ryan’s Voice - You turned one year old today, our beautiful daughter. It happened while I wasn’t looking. You’re still a tiny baby in my eyes even though you are walking and talking already. Every day I look at you and vow all over again not to make the same mistakes my parents did, even though I find myself making those mistakes…every day. You are smart. You are kind. You are important. You are you. You are not the sum of my own achievements – you are a unique child of the almighty God. Given to me by Him on loan. The job He has given me is to avoid screwing you up, and to teach you about Him. He will do all the rest, if I don’t get in His way. I love you, precious girl. May God bless you all the days of your life.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Yes, she is beautiful. A gift, and yes, time doesn’t wait for anyone.

She will continue to grow and soon one day become a wonderful grown woman, hopefully in love with Christ. I pray she’ll be prepared to avoid what you mother didn’t help you avoid. It will surely be a blessing for her for I know you love her, and you will be nothing like what your mother was with you.


Homeschool of Fish – Year 6, Part 1 – Ready For A New School Year

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Liam Marcus’ Voice – We are gearing up for another homeschooling year. Determining which books to feast on will be a challenge. We wish to keep it simple and fun, yet intriguing and informative. Spanish will continue to be the subject of dependability upon me, but that has become a much easier subject to enforce since Preschooler started speaking it – it’s reinforcing to see him interested and responding to everything I say in Spanish; now I’m hoping it will continue to rub off on the teenagers.

Technical English Grammar will be the Achilles heel once again for the teenagers. I say “again” because I gave it a shot with them a few years ago, but they simply didn’t have the maturity for it back then, so I shelved those books until now. They have a great ability to write, and they seem to enjoy it, but technique is not fun, and I can understand. We’ll just continue to make it fun for them and resort to the occasional flogging when we must :-D

For history, we’ll be hitting something questionable, but deep. It’s call The Red Amendment by LB Bork. Some people have already called this guy names because of what is attempting to do to this country. What is it that he is trying to do? Well, to try to live under God’s laws, not man’s laws. It’s simple.

Mathematics will be the same as last year… algebra galore. Physical classes will consist of a healthy dose of trampoline jumping, running, hockey, and everything else we can do OUTSIDE.

Megan Ryan’s Voice - It’s been a great summer, but now I’m ready to jump into the new school year with both feet. Just for the sake of Preschooler 4.11 making some close friends I looked into a Catholic preschool around the corner. Yikes… Nowadays it’s all about education and structure with zero play time…for four year olds. Really?? I’m all for learning the alphabet, etc. but NO play time?? Our little guy would enjoy it, but he would be bouncing off the walls when he came home from all his pent up energy. Plus, how can you make friends without social/play time?? He gets all the education he can stand from me, but he needs playmates.

For da big boyz we’ll do some more classic literature, Catholic apologetics, and music like last year. New subjects will be driver education, and speech. Teenager 17.2 has a bit of a lisp that he can’t seem to shake so we’ll take it head on this year and exterminate it. Another part of speech will be public speaking. I’ll have them choose a topic, research it, then give a presentation to our Catholic homeschool group. We haven’t allowed them to get driver’s licenses for a few reasons, but mostly they just aren’t mature enough yet.

Insurance Agent: “How did the accident happen ma’am?”

Me: “Well, my son saw a pretty butterfly float past so he watched it a little too long.”

Insurance Agent: “How long was that?”

Me: “Long enough to travel through three red lights, go cross country through a public park, and carom through a crowded parking lot like a steel ball in a pinball machine.”

Not really, of course but it is the stuff of our nightmares I tell ya. How and WHY my parents ever let me drive when I was 17 is beyond me. :shock:

Where Do You Get YOUR Free Music?

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Liam Marcus’ Voice – We have found a fountain of musical rainbows, and the music is free. We found it at Our special “somewhere over the rainbow.” The beauty is that these artists aren’t signed with major private record labels making their music extremely available for any interested listener.

Megan Ryan’s Voice - Call me a geek, but I really enjoy listening to “unknown” artists. There is SO much more out there than what “Big Entertainment” pushes down the public throat. Plus we can help these artists share their talents independently instead of conforming to what they “should” sound like in order to make it to the big time. It’s also much easier to find talented Christian artists and support them.

Catholic News Roundup 06-27-12

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Today’s stories -
- New York’s Leading Lesbian
- Healthy Body, Sick Soul
- Sunday Death Discount
- Beach Bishop Busted
- Improv Doesn’t Pay
- A Predatory Lifestyle

Catholic News Roundup 06-04-12

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Today’s stories -
- DOMA’s Last Stand
- Habit Of Contradiction
- Malta Militant Defense
- Brilliant Brazilian Brothers
- Tweet Truth

Does Your Child Say, “I Obey.” Like A Dalek?

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – I would like to share a little tip with all of you, my new found trick for getting Preschooler 4.7 to do what we tell him to. Not just do it, but do it TODAY instead of days from now. Preschooler’s typical response to “Go brush your teeth.” is an cheerful “Okay!” but then he continues playing for five more minutes, then chases the cat, bounces a ball around the kitchen, stops to play with the baby’s toys, walks around the block, and rides in the Kentucky Derby all while on his way to the bathroom. That’s IF he doesn’t forget what he was supposed to be doing in the first place by then. I found myself constantly nagging him to do it, do it, do it now please, do it now please, NOW!


So my solution is to tell him once. If he doesn’t do it within a minute I simply set the egg timer for five minutes and say, “If you’re not finished brushing your teeth (or whatever) when the timer rings you can have Time Out.” Then I shut my yapper and (try really hard to) not let it bother me any further. If he’s not finished when it rings I calmly put him in time out. When time out is over we repeat the process. This is great because it keeps me from losing my temper (and vice versa) and generally having ill feelings consume the both of us and escalate into ugliness. For the first week or two it seemed like he was having 50 time outs per day, but things got better once he knew that I was serious about this whole business. Now he averages one TO per day, sometimes less. Oh by the way, I prefer using our cheap little egg timer because it’s portable. I can use it for the park, Grandma’s house, or anywhere in between. This method also works great with older siblings too. When the Teenagers are on Preschooler Duty they can use the timer to get obedience without all the shenanigans and hoopla that so often accompany sibling interactions.


Liam Marcus’ Voice - BWAH-hahahaha – you are as silly as moi, I love you. We all do that, well maybe you didn’t have an opportunity to say “yeah” and then disappear for a while, you poor girl you. Apparently you were a daughter of a narcissist, heh? I love throwing that phrase around… it sounds better than my previous one and not so rich with empathy, “coward” – LOL. In any case, did you use to sit tight in your chair for hours at a time until you did what you were ordered to do? It is obvious my dear wife that you are doing everyone a lot of good by having these little episodes. You are practicing tolerance, which I, to certain extent lack. Now, now, you don’t say “please, do it now”, do you? You had better try the, “Germs will come in and start gnawing at your teeth and make them look rotten and nasty to the point that you’ll eventually have to suck your food through a straw because chewing would be too painful…” story on the little guy. Ah, nothing like the harsh truth spiked with a little horror. Trust me, it will work. It did for my mother. :-)


So there’s our tip. I hope it helps and doesn’t make us sound Holier Than Thou. Don’t let it fool you because we’re just as imperfect as the rest of the world out there. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know we always try to keep it real around here. So God bless and keep plugging away at life until you get your ultimate reward: Eternal life with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Do You Behave Like A Christian?

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Liam Marcus’ Voice – There seems to be an increased number of individuals who think they are saved and don’t need to do anything to gain the Kingdom of God. Is this possible? This type of thinking is self serving at best. Kind at worst, in this type of peoples’ mind, that is. There is nothing kind about acting like a jerk. Regardless, of whether or not you have accepted Jesus Christ as you personal Lord and Savior. Believe it or not, there are Christian music bands out there that believe that because they accepted Jesus, they are guaranteed a place in Heaven. It doesn’t matter that they still curse. It doesn’t matter that they stave people on the back. It doesn’t matter that they gossip behind everyone’s back. Their human condition is not being judged there, just you, whoever is not them.

A bit of news from the good book, the Bible. The Word of God to some, even to our good socialist government here in American when they proclaimed it in Public Law 96.1211

James 1: 26-27, “If anyone thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this man’s religion is vain. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”

The so-called Bible readers and experts don’t realize the simplicity within this wonderful book sometimes. It is plain, if one chooses to use plain language, what it says within the Great Book. If these so-called Christian music bands understood God’s plan a bit better, they would more than likely choose a different genre to define their style and actions. Maybe, they would come closer to our Lord. Who knows.


Megan Ryan’s Voice – Marcus my love, I think it boils down to the fact that Protestant bibles are missing seven books – the epistle of James being one of them. Our readers can Click Here for a succinct answer on why Martin Luther removed them. They can also Click Here to find out how the fathers of the Catholic Church knew which books belonged in the bible and which did not.

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