About mommies and babies and breastfeeding in public

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Liam Marcus’ and Megan Ryan’s Voice - Breastfeeding seems to be falling within a newer level of awareness. It has not been long since we started breastfeeding our three younglings (only the past six years), so we did not know about the taboo or discouragement towards breastfeeding until now. We always thought, “It seems natural, why not do it?” We never thought it could have such ramifications as being kicked out of an airplane or a food court.

It is funny how ignorance can hold a society back thousands of years in evolutionary intellect, or could it be because these same ignorant people were never breastfed thus losing forever an opportunity at utilizing one of the most nutritious sources of food to help develop their gray and white cells. I mean, come on! If they are so naively concerned about nothing, then one would have to assume they have been dumbed down somewhere, somehow, no?

Nevertheless, it seem that Pope Francis has his head located in the northern part of his torso, right where it belongs because he seems to think breastfeeding is as natural as breathing oxygen. Maybe his mommy breastfed him thus allowing his brain to develop to a level of intellect all the rest of the sheep tend to get stuck on.

The new birth of our fourth son has brought much to our lives, including mishaps

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Megan Ryan’s voice - Last night we gave the little new addition to our lives a little bath. After a few minutes of wading and playing, I took the little guy, put him on the changing table and started to dress him up. Halfway through what should have been an easy task, I stopped and realized why I was having so much trouble. The jammies were two inches too short. The little guy is growing fast and cooing and all that other jazz. He is beautiful. They are all beautiful. The new birth of our fourth son has brought much to our lives, including a bit of memory and intellectual degradation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Liam Marcus’ voice - Don’t fret, going to sleep and actually sleeping between the hours of 11 pm and 1 am has been proven to help improve many of the issues related to sleep deprivation, e.g., memory lapses, etc. It seem that during this time the adrenal gland dumps waste/toxins, but you have to be asleep in order for this to occur. If you are not sleeping or enjoying a fantastic trip to nowhere land, then the adrenal gland does not do its job properly. This is why when we wake up the next morning we look like a two-ton steak hit us across the face.

The precursors to adrenal gland stress are too much sugar and caffeine in you diet, among others things.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year indeed!

Time To Start Collecting Pennies – Part 01

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Abe is right. Ya gotta watch your back!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – We started. Yep. Collecting pennies is a thing of the future again. Remember when you saw a penny on the streets? You picked it up. Why? Because back then you could use it to add to your other four pennies and buy a piece of chocolate candy somewhere. Today you should still pick them up. Why? Because one penny is worth two pennies and rising. Some people are calling them the “new silver” and by the way, when I bought my silver coins a few years back they were $22/each. Today those same silver coins are worth about $40/each. 50% profit, huh? Not bad. With the death of paper dollar(s) soon approaching and the institution of one world currency, copper, which pennies predating 1981 (and some 1982) is what they are made of, will be worth a bit more than a couple of pennies. Mind you, you’ll probably have to melt them pennies, but not yet, because remember, it’s illegal to melt currency. Just wait until it’s dead first. ;-)

Megan Ryan’s Voice – I have a little coin collection passed down to me from my paternal grandfather. It’s not worth anything but the fond memories of my late father. Dad got me into coin collecting by bringing home the occasional coin that was a bit different looking from the rest. Now the children enjoy coming across those ‘State Quarters’ and giving them to me. Once we collect them all, we’ll put them in a little display Papaw got me before he went home to Jesus.

For all you narcissists out there, this one is for you

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From time to time we get some delightful crosses to bear, but there is no reason for anyone to not have some fun while carrying them – like our narcissistic family members and friends or enemies. God loves you too, believe it or not, and we pray for you.

Did You Have A Teddy Bear?

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Megan’s old teddy bear “Stitch”

Megan Ryan’s Voice – I still have the teddy bear I cuddled as a child. We put one of Toddler 1.0′s newborn dresses on it and call it Mother Bear now that Kindergartener 5.0 loves the Little Bear books. I’ve been hunting for the perfect doll for Toddler 1.0 for a long time now. Call me sentimental, but I never had any dolls to play with growing up, only stuffed animals. That’s not so terrible, but a little lacking in encouraging my nurturing side. I want a cute little Catholic nun doll to compliment Kindergartener 5.0’s Catholic priest doll (aka Padre). The company who makes his doll has a nun doll, but frankly, she’s not very cute. Plus we prefer the traditional habit like that of the Poor Clares seen on EWTN. I’ve kept my eyes peeled on the internet but come up empty so far. If any of ya’ll know of one, please tell me about it in the comments section of this post.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Padre is awesome. He loves the little plush thing. Perfect for imagination games, and for sleeping company at nap time and night time. I used to have a Sello Rojo as my sleeping buddy when I was Kindergartener’s age. It was neat. It was the pet rice grain of one of Puerto Rico’s major rice producers. I wonder what happened to it.

In any case, I loved the little grain of rice with a chef’s hat, until I started watching GI Joe on TV. My mother helped me get this GI Joe figurine through the mail. It was an advertisement thing for the support of the show, not that it needed it. I got the evil doer, Cobra Commander, though, it was lots of fun because unlike the stiff looking Star Wars figurines, GI Joe action figures could move at every joint. Awesome!

Does Your Child Suffer From Hysterics?

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Magnesium rich foods

Megan Ryan’s Voice – I have been experimenting with Kindergartener 5.0 for about six months now. All his life he had these strange bouts of what I called the Screaming Meemies approximately once a month, sometimes more. He would wake up in the middle of the night crying uncontrollably. He would sob and sob but any attempts to hold and cuddle him and he would start flailing his arms in a ‘don’t touch me!’ way and not allow much physical contact. He would be hysterical and unable to tell us what was wrong, and inconsolable for upwards of twenty minutes. Eventually Marcus figured out that if he told him a story, usually made up right there on the spot, he would gradually calm down enough to listen…if the story was interesting enough! Afterwards, or the next morning, he would tell us he didn’t know why he was crying, and that we was ‘just crying’ because he had to.

One day it clicked for me. Maybe he was suffering from the same manic type of restless leg syndrome I sometimes get late at night. I only suffer from it when I’m not getting enough magnesium in my diet. So to test my theory I instituted Magnesium Monday in our house, this helps me to remember. Every Monday I make sure the children and I get magnesium. My preferred method is eating swiss chard or other magnesium rich foods, but second best is a bath with epsom salts. I’m happy to report he has not had an attack of the Screaming Meemies since his first Magnesium Monday. Thank You Lord for the insight into his/our problem, and the natural means of curing it!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Magnesium is the key? Well, I’m dumbfounded, but hey, if it works it works. However, don’t stop telling him those awesomely made up stories. Remember, as soon as he wakes up, he will remember the story line and then start telling you, “Remember when the bad man was put in jail by the good guy? Good guys always win.” In our stories, yes, good guys always win.

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