No, Really. Our Cats Are Toilet Trained

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Liam Marcus’ Voice – Hey, ever see a cat do her business in the toilet? I try not to. Our cats can do it, and have done it since we got them six years ago. This is one reason why we don’t have dogs anymore, because dogs would not be able to do what cats do, jump on the toilet, squat and sigh with relief. Sorry, that was a bit graphic, but I couldn’t resist. The other reason is the new arrivals. No, not the cats, the children. We wanted a few treats with fur from God, so why not as independent an animal as a cat? Yeah. A cat. Two cats. We don’t have to take care of that messy, smelly, little box “no more”. However, we do still have to deal with the extra fur lying around…almost everywhere.

Ryan Megan’s Voice – Now all we need to do is get ‘em to flush. We used a dandy device called a Litter Kwitter to train them. One cat was fully trained in a month, the other took a bit longer. It was a bit of a hassle, especially if you only have one bathroom in your house, but it was oh so worth it. No mess, no smell, and more moolah in our pockets because we don’t have to buy kitty litter. No litter is also nice for when we have wee ones. The cats themselves are more sanitary because they’re not climbing in and out of their own mess on a daily basis. The babies can pull and grab to their hearts’ content and no worries about extra germs.

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