Is It Possible To Be Too Crunchy? Um, YES!

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – Okay, we’re getting to be too crunchy. Some is good, but I have to draw the line somewhere, right? Our dryer broke down two weeks ago (after we finally got around to fixing it by unclogging the vent!! ) and I got so frustrated I forbade Marcus to buy more parts to fix it again. Instead I had him install a retractable clothesline. Where? In our living room! Am I freakin’ redneck or what?! We can’t put one outside because we would get into major trouble with our homeowners association. So I figured hanging our clothes inside would serve a dual purpose, 1) save me the hassle of dealing with the little ones while sweating my tookus off outside, and 2) the evaporation would help to cool the house a bit and save us a buck or two on the electric bill, not to mention saving money by ditching the dryer in the first place. Now instead of having a laundry marathon one day a week (starting at dawn and folding the last of it before going to bed that night), I now do one load four days a week. Starting on Tuesdays I wash and hang before bed, then take it down and fold it the next morning after breakfast. The last day is Friday night which leaves me Saturday morning to fold. Then I can take a break on the Lord’s Day (Sunday) and Monday before starting all over again. And YES I did some research on how to line dry your laundry! Ya’ll know me :-D Click Here for the best site I found on the subject.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Yeah, Meg gave me an ultimatum, no new parts for the dryer. Hey, I’m just thankful it isn’t something serious, like the air conditioner compressor, although, that may be next. We’ll see. We have been miracle-like fortunate. Just the other night I looked at the eatables we have on the counter top and then at the refrigerator inners and thought to myself, are we poor or do we still have too much? Then the automobile tire started giving us trouble, again. I had already stuffed the hole with three plugs so I knew I had to seek recourse. Right after work this past Saturday I visited a little auto repair shop next door to ask how much a patch work would cost. I was geared to visit a Tire Kingdom and contract for their $35 patch services, but the little deviation paid dividends. The little repair shop refused to contract with me for possible liability. The hole was too big and according to some unknown statute, if the tire failed because of the patch work and I or someone else got injured, they would become liable – so no no. I asked, “Well, do you have a spare of this size?” And won’t you believe it. They didn’t just have a spare, they had a super spare of the same size. They had a BF Goodrich. Wow! LOL! Now I have three leisure-like tires and an all-terrain tire on our little sedan. I can feel the difference. I installed it on the back-drivers side, ‘cause you know, that side has to hold lots more pounds per square inch – no, I’m not that fat/heavy :wink: Well, one problem a week is all I can take, and it’s been phenomenal because of the little miracles we get to enjoy from time to time. God bless!

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