Adding To Our Medicine Chest: Aloe Vera

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – What to do with aloe?? I’ve had some good fortune with aloe this year. I bought an organic plant from a local farmer, managed NOT to kill it (this time anyway), and it has done so well I now have it coming out of my ears. Wait, does that mean I need to clean my ears more often? I guess I should give myself some credit, but it’s a pretty hardy, leave it alone and it will grow kinda plant, so I won’t take too much credit. After all, I DID kill the first one I bought last year! So now I’m wondering what to do with it all. A friend of mine is newly into juicing veggies and stuff and her daughter is having some health issues so I’ll be giving her as much as she can carry home. Aloe is supposed to be very healing when eaten in addition to all its topical uses so Click Here to read all about it. As for whatever my friend doesn’t take, I think maybe I’ll look into harvesting the gel/juice and selling it on eBay, or maybe just sell the plants themselves… If you have any ideas we would love to hear about them in the comments section of this post!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Just keep putting the new shoots in those little starter pots I have littering the garage and we could start our own nursery. I liked what you made for us to give my mom on Mothers Day this year. You filled a used glass honey jar with organic dirt, planted an aloe shoot in it, and then covered the top of the soil with colored bits of decorative  glass.

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