Sleep Deprived Zombies

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Megan Ryan’s Voice – Infant 0.7 just cut her two bottom teeth – simultaneously …ouch! It couldn’t have been comfortable for her because she made it clear she was suffering. Therefore it was hard on us too. Especially at night. Ugh! For the last four nights she’s been awake and crying every half an hour to an hour. Marcus and I have been walking around like sleep deprived zombies and guzzling coconut oil (great for energy) like some people swill caffeine laden energy drinks. We add it to our decaf coffee, or hot chocolate, and I will just dump some on top of whatever I’m eating. We use organic, cold pressed oil so it is virtually tasteless and you can mix it in anything. Plus lots of sucking on ice and teething toys for her during the day and some homeopathic teething remedy at night when she gets really bad. I think God chose for babies to have bottom teeth come out first just to spare nursing mommies like me the pain of getting bitten for just a little while longer. Thank you, Jesus!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – What do you mean by sparing you the pain? I thought it was still painful no matter where the teeth came from, top, bottom. Although, I must admit, I’ve never seen a baby bring on those Bugs Bunny rabbit teeth first. I think keeping the baby as cute as possible, for as long as possible counts for something. God bless!

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