Homemade Organic Vinegar

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apple_vinegar1Megan Ryan’s Voice – Hooray! Another successful swim into Foreign Waters! I just bottled our first (successful) batch of homemade apple cider vinegar. The first time we tried it we only got a bunch of furry, yucky mold, but the second batch turned out great. I filled two 1.5 quart jars with apple scraps and followed the instructions from The Healthy Eating Site. The yield was approximately 70 oz. of finished vinegar which I bottled in my repurposed glass jar in the photo above. Why make our own? It started as a way to save money because organic is super expensive. But then it turned into a challenge once the first batch failed. Plus the instructions made it look quite easy so I thought, “What the heck?”. It really feels great to make something so “simple”. I put the word in quotes because kitchen things don’t come naturally to me. So when I go out on a limb like this it’s a bit scary, but when it works I so like to share my joy with all of you. Plus I like to encourage all the rest of you who, like me, are kitchen dummies to go ahead and give it a shot! With a bit of courage and a lot of Grace from God, you can do it too!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Amazing process. We struggled with the jars for about two months. Two months, right? We used to put them in the oven for the warmth because our water heater is in the garage, but from time to time we turned the oven on to get it started for our bakeries. The thing is that we started cooking what was inside the jars quite a few times because we’d forgotten they were there. Suffice it to say, our process was one of those people would rather avoid because of the trouble. If Megan wants to make some next winter I’ll have build her a cupboard for the water heater. Well, incubating it in the oven was trouble, but it is a matter of determination and sticking with the change the whole process of making homemade vinegar entails, lots of old-fashion work and homemade goodness. I don’t know, we’re still considering swapping our car for a cart and a horse, though we don’t know where we would get the tags and registrations for them ;)

UPDATE: You can also use this exact same method using pear scraps. We just harvested our first batch and there is no difference in taste. Also I read that apple and pear seeds can release small amounts of cyanide into vinegar, so now I remove them before tossing the cores into the jar of scraps.

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