Our Family’s Cure For Allergies – Update

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UPDATE: Megan had a hayfever attack last week – the first one in fourteen months! She then discovered that a large dose of vitamin C (think two oranges) and some echinacea tea gave her prompt relief from the constant sneezing and dripping nose. She figured since an allergic reaction is the body’s over reaction to an irritant, the immune boosting effects would help calm the symptoms. She repeated that for a couple of days until she was able to go back to her simple daily dose of honey to keep her allergies at bay.

Megan Ryan’s Voice – I was talking to a girlfriend the other day and she was telling me about how bad her seasonal allergies are . She said she takes THREE different medications on a bad day, and two on a good day. :shock: I thought to myself, I feel a blog post coming on! Every single member of our family suffers from seasonal allergies to varying degrees. Toddler 3.7 is  the most immune and Marcus is the worst with a few food allergies thrown in for good measure. None of us take medications anymore. Why? Because we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey. Click Here to read more about the benefits of raw honey. We eat it every day, by the spoonful if we must. We incorporated it into our daily diets by using it as a sugar substitute in cereals, coffee, etc. Heck, it makes a great syrup on ice cream! Get imaginative! After a couple of months of daily consumption (about two tablespoons worth) we began to feel results. Less sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, common colds, etc. The longer we ate it (it’s been four years now) the better we felt. Now we are allergy free 90% of the time. When allergy season spikes, or is at it’s peak, we may get the occasional sneeze. When that happens, we double our usual dosage or eat a teaspoon of pure bee pollen. Marcus (aka Da Maniac) eats pure pollen with a spoon (yuck!), but I dissolve it in a cup of tea or juice to make it taste better. The pollen provides fast, emergency relief because there are days (or two) when one of us may accidentally skip our daily honey and need emergency relief. 

Liam Marcus’ Voice -  Gotta hurry! I heard the bees are leaving this solar system and going home (see video above). That could account for the decrease in their existence on this planet. Phew! Now, to reality, WOW! Do I need to say anything else?! Yo Yo, come one get on the ball, hit the pollen and snuff it whole! No. No, please don’t do that. Pollen is, regardless of what Megan says, awesome! Sweet and sweet! A little hard/crunchy, though, it would be best if you wash it down with something (except beer, carbonated drinks, wine, orange juice, etc.) please, please, please. Just drink water. I have this nephew, he eats chocolate with…drum roll please… yes… orange juice. No wonder his taste buds have been ruined forever. He’s developed an aversion to chocolate. Can you believe that!? The last thing you want is to develop an aversion to this God send. Remember, honey and/or pollen do not go well together with anything except water. Megan would suggest putting/mixing it in your favorite drink. However, I say not.

 Now, I’ll be a little humble here: I admit, she prepares me the concoction, and she doesn’t use water -this woman has ruined my life! :lol:

We hope this helps all of you fellow allergy sufferers out there. Just remember, it MUST be local (the bees are kept in your area), it must be raw (unpasteurized), and it must be wild (the bees are allowed to roam and visit wildflowers). Ya can’t beat God’s natural cure! Not only is it cheaper, it’s healthier because you’re not loading yourself up on manufactured chemicals. Praise Jesus! Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts in the ‘Comments’ section of this post!

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