Homemade Soda

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flu-cat-soda-funnyMegan Ryan’s Voice – I found a wonderful recipe for homemade ginger ale! I just hate giving the children the occasional soft drink, even if it is “all natural”, etc., etc., blah blah blah. But now we make our own because it is SO EASY and guilt free. It tastes nothing like store-bought ginger ale by the way – but better! Click Here to read the recipe from the source. The only modifications we made are to use fresh grated organic ginger (two tablespoons) and lemon juice instead of lime juice. If you want to know how to get the whey from your own homemade yogurt, Click Here for our super easy crockpot yogurt recipe. Enjoy!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – I like the beer best. Do you know how to make it? Oh, wait, ale is a sort of beer, right? Hmm, what’s your name again? I’m not sure what I’m doing here. What is this place? Oh, what? This beer has an interesting, ever increasing alcohol content. Uh, oh, wow, ok, ok, I think I need to sit down… now. Am I sitting yet? Yes? Then why does my face feel so cold? It feels as cold as the tile floor. Hey, am I flat on the floor? Hey!

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