Catholic News Roundup 7-26-11

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Today’s stories -
- More States Rights Violations
- Human-Animal Hybrids
- Ireland Versus The Vatican
- Communist Communications
- Chinese Planning More Ordinations

To see the video from the source, Click Here

Homeschool of Fish – Shy Kid Syndrome?

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bird-anti-birdMegan Ryan’s Voice - Another myth about homeschooling that worries otherwise well-meaning people is social skills. “How will my child(ren) have any friends if they don’t go to public school? How will they learn to interact with other people? Won’t they end up shy and backwards?” Okay, all of you homeschoolers can stop laughing now ;-)

If you’ve asked yourself this question (or been pelted with it by someone else) you need to stop and ask, do you send your children to school so they can hang out with friends or to actually learn something? Ask any school teacher that question and he/she will bemoan the fact that children spend WAY too much time socializing and not enough time paying attention in class.

Every parent wants their child to be properly socialized so the question really is, exactly what important interpersonal skills do your children learn by hanging out with others in their peer group? The proper techniques and applications of a wedgie? :-O The reality is that homeschooled children spend far much more time interacting (and actually communicating) with adults, therefore they end up with more advanced social skills than their public school counterparts. An added bonus is the homeschooling parent has more control over who their child makes friend with. We belong to a Catholic homeschooling group (as mentioned in this previous post) and I can guarantee you there are no purple mohawks or pierced eyelids to be found. So our boys have a large pool of children from which to choose their friends so there is no such thing as ‘cloistered shy kid’ syndrome.

Liam Marcus’ Voice – LOL – public school social skills equate to knowing how to wear your pants just below your southern cheeks. In any case, another shot in the dark as far as I am concerned. There is too much proof that public education is to entrap young minds into thinking they are more than slaves to the system. Simple, they have become dumbing institutions, not even indoctrination institutions, dumbing institutions – period. Homeschooling is a threat to the national security of the Communists running this country and the international bankers, nothing more. Holy Mother Mary, please, pray for us!

Heading Into Foreign Waters – Part 27

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organic-sign-funnyMegan Ryan’s Voice – Eating organic on a dime has proved to be a challenge, but lots of fun! Especially when we have a week like last week. Our bag of food from the organic rabbit farm contained Romaine lettuce, a dozen pears, green noodle beans, six eggplants, a dozen eggs, beef and broth, chives, and winter savory. The pears are so delicious I can’t begin to describe! Imagine the best pear you ever got from the grocery store and multiply the taste by ten! MMmmmmm! They reminded me of the giant pear tree on the neighboring farm where I grew up. I would shimmy up that thing and drop them down to my parents below who would collect them in baskets. The owners didn’t live there so they didn’t mind us harvesting all those juicy organic pears. No, I’m not that old, but most things were still organic back then. The pesticide/fertilizer craze was only beginning to catch on.

Our stop at the local organic farmer guy’s produce stand yielded six red peppers, five cantaloupes, five fat slicing tomatoes, six bulbs of garlic, three apples, four mangos, and a dozen each of lemons and limes. And we paid…(drumroll please)…$10 for all of it! That’s like buying the cantaloupes at supermarket price and getting the rest for FREE! He traded us for some soaps, deodorants, candles, etc. we bought super cheap with coupons. We LOVE the barter system!

Liam Marcus’ Voice – I had a temptation today to switch from organic to conventional. I don’t know, I guess I’m tired of the expense (mostly the raw milk) and the trips. Granted, I feel better than I’ve ever felt before switching to organic food, but when you realize the fraud being perpetuated right before our eyes I feel defeated. It is nothing new. We have heard about it from nutritionists and organic farms, mind you, the ones who are not USDA certified organic. And that is USDA certified organic is NOT or MAY NOT BE 100% organic after all. Right now it can be 95% organic and 5% whatever else they are allowed to put in the foodstuffs - GMO comes to mind, and everything else that has not been tested comes to mind too. That’s why we prefer non-USDA certified local farms for our food. We know them personally and they know us, and it all works on the honor system. It’s downright oppressive and unnecessary for a farm to become USDA certified organic. Just read “Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal” by Joel Salatin if you want some examples.

Paranoid. Right! Of a government committing fraud every chance they get, bankrupt and enslaving the people with perpetual payments to a 200 year old war debt? Nah, I’m not paranoid. I don’t trust them, period! Keep praying for the politicians who hold office and power of attorney over those who exercise their only right under the 14th amendment of the Constitution of the united States of America: voting.

Happy B-Day to Me, Happy B-Day to Me…

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baptism1Arturo’s Voice – On August 3, 1996, Medialog staff met with Pope John Paul II and presented to him our Campaign – BAPTISM BIRTHDAY.

Much to our joy, the following Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, he publicly declared, “We should celebrate out Baptism as we do our birthday.” This declaration took up 3/4 of the front page of the Holy See newspaper, L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO.
TODAY, July 23, is my Baptism Birthday. Please join me in giving thanks and praise to God for such a wonderful gift.

Through Baptism we become a member of the Body of Christ and are divinized… that is, we are made divine. Many of you will be shocked by this thought but it is what it means to be Christian. We become one in, with and through Jesus Christ who is God the Son incarnate.

Pope John Paul II reiterated this truth by changing our term, ‘Spiritual Birthday’ to ‘Divine Birthday’. Reflect upon your Baptism and celebrate it as your being a new creation born from above.

Like Mother, Like…Son??

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bugs-bunny-explosionMegan Ryan’s Voice – I had one of those moments yesterday where you’re holding your sobbing and hysterical child and trying not to laugh. Toddler 3.10 scared himself silly by turning the volume up too high on the living room stereo. I had just finished telling him that all those shiny knobs and buttons were not toys when, as soon as I turned my back, he gave the volume knob a hearty spin. KAPOW! Deafening music and a three year old holding his ears, screaming, and running in place. Luckily I was still right there and turned it back down for him. Then he cried and cried as I held him and tried not to laugh. Why was I laughing? Because according to my own mother (I was too young to remember it myself) I did the EXACT same thing when I was three, on exactly the same stereo unit which she passed on to me a few years ago. It’s a ridiculously powerful stereo. We always play it with the volume knob in position one (out of 25!) and if we really want to rock ‘da howse we’ll turn it up to position two! Toddler 3.10′s spin got up somewhere around position 18…ouch! I wonder if he’ll remember the experience or forget it like I did?

What about you? Feel free to tell us about your (not so) funny childhood or parent experiences in the comments section of this post. God bless!

Homeschool of Fish – Year 4, Part 13

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light-bulb-with-fishMegan Ryan’s Voice – One common concern for parents considering homeschooling their children is intelligence. Not the child’s but the parents’ own. “Am I smart enough to teach my children everything? I was never very good at (insert subject here) when I was in school so how can I teach it?” The short answer is: You don’t have to be smart enough! The curriculum you choose does it all for you. If you are a little lacking in one area and your child needs help, all you need do is open up that chapter and learn for yourself. Then you and your child can wade through it and learn together.   A second tool the majority of homeschooling parents choose is the co-op option. You join a local group of homeschooling families, get together on a somewhat regular basis, and help each other. For example, our Catholic homeschooling group is quite informal (we like it that way). All run by volunteer parents (God bless ‘em!), we get together once a week for classes and playtime during the school year. A parent who is strong in geometry (or brave enough to try!) will offer to teach a “class” of any other children whose parents aren’t comfortable teaching the subject themselves. Science labs? No problem! If you’d rather do it in a group than teach your own children, you can get together with the other parents and organize it together.

Liam Marcus’ Voice- Thankfully I’m strong in all subjects, so that was one thing we didn’t have to worry about. We recently talked about dropping the courses that will not help the children. We engaged in a discussion about instituting hands-on skills like plumbing, heating and ventilation, carpentry, etc. These, we think, are the skill of the future. LOL – I never thought I would catch myself saying something like that, but considering the future of this communist country, I say go back to basics.

Homechooling doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you think. Google homeschooling groups in your area, then go out and meet them. We can almost guarantee you’ll find lots of nice parents there who can answer your questions and set your mind at ease.

Planned Parenthood Issued Abortion/Sex Guides For Youth

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pp-logoBy Amanda Pawloski of

NEW YORK, July 7 (C-FAM) In advance of the UN youth conference later this month, the International Planned Parenthood Federation released two new publications on abortion and sexual rights for youth. The new documents are the latest part of the organization’s larger campaign targeted at teenagers and older children.

The “I Decide” abortion diaries, provides stories of young women seeking abortions, as well as graphic descriptions of s**, detailed advice on how to avoid pregnancy, and how teens can evade disapproving parents.

The publication informs young women “if you use misoprostol on your own, you will be advised to take the tablets by placing them under your tongue and this way, no one would be able to tell that you had used drugs to induce the abortion unless you told them yourself.” The U.S. branch of Planned Parenthood has recently come under public scrutiny for its deceptive and illegal tactics in dealing with minors.

Last year, the Girl Scouts became embroiled in controversy when another IPPF sex guide, called “Healthy, Happy, and Hot” was distributed at their side-event during the Commission on the Status of Women. The sex guide, targeted at youth living with HIV/AIDS, promotes masturbation, sex under the influence of drugs and alcohol, as well as not-disclosing one’s HIV/AIDS status to one’s partner.

IPPF is a multi-million dollar organization, which includes contributions from the United Nations Population Fund and the World Health Organization. The organization has made youth and sexual rights one of its top priority areas of advocacy. To read the rest of the article from the source, Click Here.

Catholic News Roundup 7-11-11

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Today’s stories -
- The World’s Newest Country
- Bishops Under Duress
- Rainbow Mass in Boston
- Gay Indoctrination Going National
- Pro-life Picket
- Father Cutie’ Not so Cutie

Failure? Well, Maybe A Little

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strawberry-catMegan Ryan’s Voice – I’ve been canning my fanny off lately. We got some late season organic strawberries and some organic cherries for cheap from the supermarket so we decided to stock up and preserve them. I made Crunchy Catholic Momma’s Vanilla Strawberry Jam, and this recipe for cherry pie filling. We’ll use the pie filling for the next time we make our Teenagers’ favorite chocolate cake. Both recipes are delicious, but since I’m such a newbie I’m having trouble getting the strawberry jam to thicken beyond the syrup stage. I want to avoid using boxed pectin so maybe add/use corn starch instead?? Any suggestions?

Liam Marcus’ Voice –  Ahh, the strawberry preserves are fantastic… I don’t care what you say. I’ve been munching on some bits of historic events I realize are unequivocally essential to know about. Lincoln was the best tyrannical presidents this country has ever put in power, but he is not worth getting all worked up about. What’s done is done, so let’s sit down and watch a movie whilst enjoying an organic slice of wheat bread with homemade organic strawberry preserve spread all over it – yummo!

Heading Into Foreign Waters – Part 26

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peanut-assaultedMegan Ryan’s Voice- Okay, so what the heck does one do with raw peanuts?? We got some in our weekly bag of food from the organic rabbit farm, and we were stumped…Okay, Marcus may have been stumped too, but at  least he had the chutzpah to DO something with them. Since we already had the deep fryer ready on the counter the other day he decided to just dump them in there to see what happened. We fried those suckers in the shell for about a half an hour until they were finally done. They were pretty good after we shelled and salted them. We also got a watermelon, Swiss chard, red noodle beans, cucumbers, eggs, ground beef, eggplant, basil, loads of sage (Yippee!), and some strange white pea pod things.

We skipped the local organic guy’s produce stand this week because we still have lots of tomatoes, and his fruit selection is a bit slim at the moment. We picked up some discount organic fruit at the local health food store for cheap, and harvested LOADS of organic basil from our own garden – Yay! Our first ever herb harvest is in the dehydrator as we speak – how kewl is that?! Yes, I’m a nerd and I’m okay with that. ;-)

Liam Marcus’ Voice – Soon we’ll be accessories to illegal broccoli smuggling, baby! Check out the video here.

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