Heading Into Foreign Waters, Part 1

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dive_rockwellMegan’s Voice - We did it! We took the plunge and signed up for a food co-op. We are SO excited!¬†We chose a nearby farm and paid a membership to receive a weekly share of meats and veggies. What’s so special about that? Several things. It means all our veggies will be organic (pesticide and chemical fertilizer free) and our meats will come straight from the pasture with no hormones added, not fed unnatural foods, and treated humanely. I have to admit it’s pretty exciting to know exactly where your food comes from since they grow it all right there on the farm. Another bonus is we’ll be saving a ton of money by avoiding the supermarkets. Buying all organic/pastured food from the supermarket can be ridiculously expensive. I estimate we’ll save 50% buying farm direct, but only time will tell. We signed up for a trial membership for three months just to see how it goes. We’ll keep you all updated right here on the blog.

Do any of you have experience with this sort of thing? We’d love to hear about it so tell us by clicking on “Comment” up next to the headline of this article.

Marcus’ Voice – And eggs too, sweetie! It seems we’re gettin’ closer to the lunatic fringe – according to some conventionals, you know, people who eat the other stuff that’s not real food ;)

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